Portable Inflatable Disinfectant Tunnel


Effective, Efficient, Portable and easy to use. Our Inflatable disinfectant tunnel unit contains an atomised liquid spray inside of it to effectively saturate the surrounding.

In this way it is very disinfect every surface of the surroundings even those which are not directly exposed to the nozzles.

Our sanitation system comes complete with a thermal infrared camera, plumbing hoses, nozzles pre-installed and a pump to inflate the tunnel.

Fast and easy to use. Just inflate and the sanitation and decontamination tunnel is ready for use

  • Rigid high-quality Inflatable structure. 
  • The inflatable sanitisation and decontamination tunnel will stay inflated for weeks without reinflation.
  • Designed to withstand heavy rain and strong winds
  • Fast erect: easily installed by just 2 to 4 people in under 5 minutes.
  • Durable fabrics and design to provide a high wearing and robust solution
  • All parts are connected for fast and easy assembling and disassembling.
  • After deflation the decontamination tunnels can be packed in the supplied compact bag for  ease of transport and storage
  • Easily connectable to other decon components such as water tanks, water pressure control tanks, water heaters and contaminated water storage solutions
  • The durable inflatable frame can hold high air pressure up to 0.35Bar.
  • Built-in relief valve is installed to prevent overpressure.

Packing Details

Carton dimension : 86x60x53cm

G.W.: 55kg